Keeping the phone number of reliable techs proves to be an invaluable decision whether it’s time to have a garage door installed or the opener fixed. And when it comes to garage door repair Dayton OH jobs, the only company you need is ours.

Say hello to the team at Dayton Metro Garage Door Repair Services! We are here to take care of your local service needs and ensure your satisfaction, convenience, and safety. Why will our team be a perfect match for you? Because we cover all garage door service & repair Dayton Ohio needs and do so in a timely and effective manner.

About Us

Dayton garage door repair and installation services

You can always count on our devoted company for garage door repair in Dayton. Have no doubt. With our team standing close by, you can book the service you need or want and you can do so in a hassle-free way. You see, all we ask you to do is make a call or write us a message. Tell us if you are having a problem with the garage door or if you have decided to find a new one. We are the go-to garage door company for services, ranging from repairs and replacements to maintenance and new installations/sales.

Garage door experts appointed to all jobs

There are significant differences among garage doors. They differ in terms of size, material, type, style, and features. Same thing with their parts and openers. When we send techs to fix garage doors, they bring suitable parts based on the door’s weight, type, and material. And all garage door opener repair services are assigned to techs updated with the latest models and equipped to do any job needed.

Garage door services you can rely on

It’s clear that the service, anything from garage door springs conversion to cables repair and weatherstripping, is done to a T. To build on that, let us also say that the techs are trained professionals with huge field experience and the skills required to repair, troubleshoot, maintain, replace, and install garage doors. All services are provided with respect to the garage door’s features and specs, and also the safety guidelines. And all services, especially if there’s an urgent matter, are provided quickly. With us, you don’t wait. You get solutions to your problems in a heartbeat and are super-happy with the service – any & all services. Still wondering whom to call for your Dayton garage door repair services?